Sugar Please.

I eat a lot of candy and I don’t want to stop.   On the other hand, I try to avoid drowning myself in sugar.  Because of this sugar intake concern, I picked up “Sugar-Free Peeps with Splenda,” on my last trip to the drug store (because clearly these are the epitome of health).  But, I was curious and wanted to try. 

They are in the classic globular, chick formation (none of this bunnies or flower shaped nonsense) and come three in a pack.   For those who are not avid Peep eaters, the regular peeps come in rows of five, so at first I felt cheated two peeps.  Then read the back which warned that excessive consumption could have a laxative effect.  So, perhaps the people at the Peep People know what they’re doing- at least in the quantity department. 


Overall effect of the Splenda Peep Experience:


1.     Like putting a sweet cotton ball in my mouth. 

2.     Greasy weirdness going on


4.     Takes an uncomfortable amount of time swallow

5.     CLEARLY I would not want more than three of these anyway


Moral of the Story:  If you are able, stick with the real stuff and use self control. 



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