The People Ride in a Hole in the Ground.


Thanks to a lovely, former roommate, I acquired a fabulous list of bakeries and eateries in New York City.  So, this weekend one of my best friends and I set out to do some exploring and, of course, tasting.  


We didn’t manage to hit all 23 bakeries on the list, but we did go to several for a single afternoon of eating.   Here’s where we went….

1.     Jacques Torres Chocolate

2.     Rocco’s Pastry Shop

3.     Amy’s Bread

4.     Citarella Market Place

5.     Zabar’s


(Then, as if I hadn’t had enough, also managed to take a look Junior’s Cheesecake and The Little Pie Company at Grand Central Station.) 


At Jacques Torres, we tried the “wicked hot chocolate.”  I completely recommend going online and ordering some of this if you can because the wicked hot chocolate is wicked good.  It’s incredibly rich and has a very subtle spice to it.  (I maybe also indulged in buying a box of chocolates.  I mean, honestly, who can resist flavors like “Alizé Hearts of Passion,” with fresh passion fruit and Alizé liquor, or Champagne Taittinger Truffles?   I certainly can’t, that’s for sure.) 


Rocco’s had some decadent cannoli and other Italian desserts.  Here’s a peek….


Then we walked across the street to Amy’s Bread, which was a very simple and relaxed place, where they had beautiful looking loaves of bread, as well as brownies and simple, just-eat me, sort of pastries.   We tried the chocolate twists.  They had a really nice yeasty flavor and airy texture, and the adding of semi-sweet chocolate bits made for an incredibly nice combination. 


Then off to the Citarella and Zabar’s we went!  I think because of the weekend, both stores were cart to basket traffic.  Despite having my heels run over a couple times by some obviously practiced New York City shoppers, the varieties of breads, cakes and any other specialty grocery store items were worth the congestion.  (I also happened to find chocolate Halva at Zabar’s, making it doubly worth swimming through the crowds.)


After visiting all of these bakeries, I only realize how many more there are to see. (And how many more things there are to taste!)  I think you could spend a lifetime discovering new bakeries in the New York City and it wouldn’t be a bad way to spend a life, if you ask me. 


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  1. kitchendoor

    Oh MAN I am jealous! As soon as it gets warm we are going to New York every weekend. So there.

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