Mushrooms in my Chocolate

My Vosges chocolate bars arrived today.


1.     “Enchanted Mushroom Bar” = Delicious.  The mushroom is just barely detectable, since its put into the chocolate in powder form.  It also has a nice balance of walnut in there.  On the back of the chocolate wrapper, it gives interesting information about the role of the Reishi mushroom in Chinese medicine as an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, curer of cancer.  Whatever the validity of these claims may be, I just think it’s delicious. 


2.     “Peanut Butter Bonbon Bar” = Sinful.   It was so good that I felt like I’d done something shameful after eating it.   Not only was there peanut butter inside the milk chocolate bar, but it was also salted on the bottom, giving it an addictive quality. 


3.     The Single-Origin Dominican Republic Dark and Milk Chocolate Bars = Quality.  Now, I’m the type of person who has a really difficult time saving a bar of chocolate that’s already been opened.  I tend to eat the whole thing.  This chocolate was so rich and wonderful, that I truly felt satisfied after one square.  It beckons you to savor it. 


There are nine other flavors that I’ve yet to try.  I can’t wait!



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2 responses to “Mushrooms in my Chocolate

  1. providentiallife

    Nine flavors to try?????????????????????????
    Can I come over?

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