Gee! Egg Cream is Swell!

A couple weeks ago, when exploring a local diner with a friend and inspecting the dessert and milkshake menu, I came across the item, “Egg Cream.”   Now, I’d never heard of Egg Creams before, but was told that they’re a standard East Coast diner beverage, usually consumed by the older crowd.   They were described to me as carbonated, flavored cream…


Of course intrigued, I came back the following week with a group of friends to have a tasting.   



What were they like? Well, they were like carbonated flavor cream, just as my friend had described. The chocolate variety was far superior to the vanilla. It actually reminded me a bit of a melted root-beer float, or a creamy Italian Soda. Why I would want a melted root-beer float-like concoction, rather than a strawberry milkshake or vanilla malt? I’m not too sure.

Nevertheless, there was something nostalgic about them. Like after drinking my egg cream I might go to roller-skating and then listen to some Tommy Dorsey or Benny Goodman records.

It was an enjoyable, little sip into yesteryear.


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  1. kitchendoor

    I should have known you wouldn’t be able to resist anything I described as being specifically for old people.

    I love you.

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