Peace, Love and Bread.

I had the most excellent time this weekend in Woodstock, NY.  Not only did I discover that there are people out there still living their dreams, but also there is so very much to smile about. 

I felt like everywhere I turned I was smiling in Woodstock.  There was the man in the square who kindly offered us some “herbs,” which we gratefully declined, multi-colored houses, peace signs, benches, book stores, friendly shop-owners with whom I longed to have a cup of tea, and 60-year-old men and women in fuzzy vests and long hair, loyal to everything they believed in as youths.



There was also bread and dessert. As there should be in every great town.


The pastry was divine at Bread Alone and the gingerbread with crystallized ginger pieces and citrus topping at the Garden Café on the Green was superb.  It wasn’t anything revolutionary.  The dessert was simple, as it should be sometimes.  Sometimes that’s all you want and need in a dessert.  Wholesome ingredients and pure tastes.  It completed the meal and made me long for a nap.  A much needed nap. 





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