Saturday Cake

Last night, I enjoyed the company of some fellow culinary students.  What do culinary and pastry students do on a Saturday night?  We scavenge for pots and pans, bake a cake, buy some fine cheeses and enjoy them with a nice bottle of Port!

The cake turned out great.  It was a flourless, chocolate cake that we accompanied with whole strawberries.  Made inside a hotel pan (you know the kind that’s used at buffets to hold the warm foods?), it was refreshingly unrefined (a very casually made cake, which was a nice change from constant formality that presides over the school).

The top of the cake was slightly over-browned, sunken-in and cracked.  It was also incredibly flat due to the pan size.  The inside was dense and moist, but not too heavy. It was imperfect in the “eat me,” sort of way.  And we did.  Almost all of it. 

We shamelessly chipped away at the cake, piece by piece.  It’s eating and enjoying food in this way that reminds me why I love making dessert so much.  You create something (pretty or not, you’ve made it!), share it and enjoy it.  



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