Drum Roll Please…

I love gummy candies. I like them on my ice cream, stored in the freezer (to give them extra chew), and straight from the bag, and also in their many flavor and shape varieties.

About a month ago, I embarked on a mission to rank my favorite gummy brands (aka: an excuse to buy a lot of candy, weakly disguised as a culinary research project). So, every time I went to the grocery store, or a candy shop, I sought out and bought any new brand of gummy I could find. My discoveries were very pleasing and truly expanded my gummy perspective.

Ranking Considerations: Flavor, Chew, and Mouth-feel.

Gummy Results:

1) Bissinger’s Organic Gummy Pandas

o This was a new brand to me, but it’s my new favorite. It has a very strong chew level. This meaning that there’s the proper level of playful and satisfying resistance, or bounce against your teeth…yes, I know I have a problem. “My name is Marissa, and I am a gummy freak.”
o They came one flavor per package. Despite this lack of variety, the flavor options are remarkably unique as far as gummies go. I tried the Pomegranate White Tea and the taste actually reflected natural pomegranate! I also appreciate the fact that the ingredient list is perfectly comprehensible, including the ingredients pomegranate, white tea and other healthy, natural sounding things like black carrot juice. Practically a health food in my book!

2) Haribo : Gold-Bears Gummi Candy

o The Haribo Gummi is what I consider to be the classic gummy. It has a good, distinct flavor for each of its colors (some less quality gummy products all taste the same, despite their misleading difference in color.) The Haribo bear comes in a dignified looking, gold-rimmed bag that oozes with quality and international appeal.
o The chew of the Haribo is superior by leaps and bounds. It has such a satisfying mouth appeal that there is really no need to put them in the freezer at all.

3) Kasugai Mango Gummy Candy

o This gummy hails from Japan. Although not in bear-form, and instead in strange, medicinal looking disk shapes, the Kasugai gummy is worth noting. Again, it has very good chew, but a dryer, more grainy exterior than most gummies found in the US.
o Problem: They’re individually wrapped. The result of individually wrapped gummies is extreme shame. I had to quickly and carefully dispose of the pile of accumulated wrappers, as if covering up the evidence of a crime scene.

4) Black Forest Gummy Bear

o Flavor of the Black Forest gummy reflects that of Jell-O (a desirable flavor when it comes to a gummy… in my professional gummy-eating opinion). They also have a tangier flavor (neither a good, nor a bad thing, but simply a matter of personal taste), which is perhaps a result of a higher content of citric acid (an additive to many gummy confections).
o They have a medium chew that is still satisfactory, but nothing extraordinary (Could use 10 minutes freezer time). They also had a greasier mouth-feel,

5) Dare’s Real Fruit

o The Real Fruit really do fulfill the promise of providing the “mouth-watering taste of real fruit with natural flavors.” The passion fruit tastes like passion fruit, the papaya tastes like papaya, the snozberry tastes like snozberry!
o These lead me to the perplexing question of what really distinguishes a Gummy Candy from a Fruit Snack. In essence, I do believe that a fruit snack is simply a form of lunch-box appropriate candy that somehow passed the parental radar.


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  1. providentiallife

    I completely agree about the Fruit Snacks. Definitely candy that surpassed the testing by adults because they theoretically contain fruit.

    Gushers? Dessert.

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