I like to be beside your side, beside the sea.

Imagine with me, okay?


Imagine the lovely, smoky flavor of caramel.
Now, imagine the consistency a malt-ball, where you can press your tongue against its exposed interior and it pleasantly dissolves. Perhaps adjust that texture so it’s just a bit airier. Got it?
Next, combine that flavor and that texture and cover it in chocolate.


You have just experienced Seafoam Candy.


The process of making Seafoam is actually quite magical.
You cook all of the sugars, just as if you were making caramel. Once you have reached 302 degrees, you add gelatin (which is magical stuff on its own!), and then, BAKING SODA! The baking soda makes the mixture poof up and creates an open netting of sugar, rather than a dense, candy mass. What beautiful stuff science can be!

I came to know Seafoam thanks to a baking friend from Idaho (My Idahoan friend, if you will). She kindly brought it back for me from the Land of Potatoes from a candy shop there. Thank you lady!


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