Chomping off the Chicken’s Head


Nothing connotes style and elegance like a chicken shaped chocolate from La Maison du Chocolat, OR a loaf of bread formed to resemble a salamander from the Culinary Institute of America (made by moi).  I’ve come to observe and learn that people like critter-shaped food.  It’s fun! friendly! cute!  Also, sort of absurd! I, myself, am in no way immune to the appeal of animal-shaped food.  In fact, I am an animal-shaped food enthusiast.


On the other hand, if our food ACTUALLY comes from a living creature (aka: meat) we must have it in neat, clean, sterile, plastic-wrapped bits and pieces, with absolutely no indication of the fact that there’s an animal involved at all.  No one wants carcasses hanging about, or imagining the pig they’re about to consume with a cute, curly, pink tail.  We leave images of Babe and Wilber behind. 


I’m not criticizing here. It’s just weird and I’d never thought about the weirdness before now.  Sometimes, we disguise our foods to hide the true animality, and sometimes we take completely unrelated foods, shape them, and simulate chomping the heads off molded, chocolate bunny rabbits.


Don’t get me wrong; I love a chocolate bunny as much as the next person (probably more).  And I always bite their heads off first.  Don’t we all?  The same will fate will come of my chocolate chicken.


These are just thoughts and here is the evidence of absurdity….






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3 responses to “Chomping off the Chicken’s Head

  1. kitchendoor

    Both of those things are every bit as creepy on second viewing.

  2. Jules

    I love the critter-shaped bread!

  3. Ry

    I love how angry that thing looks. It is angry that it lives. Brilliant.

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