Touching the Taro Root

A couple of weeks ago, I returned to the Thai Food restaurant with two ladyfriends to enjoy a Sunday meal (the same place I’d eaten the fabulous Mango and Sticky Rice.)  Being who we are, we ordered dessert. 


Some days I get an intense, inner urge to explore.  To challenge the Unknown and go Where No Man has Gone Before!  Just, instead of spelunking or mountaineering, I ordered the Taro Root and Coconut Milk.  


Without a single inclination as to what the Taro Root and Coconut Milk might be like, it could only meet or exceed my expectations (how wonderful!)  I suppose, I imagined something a bit like Tapioca Pudding….which it was not.


It arrived in a small soup bowl and was a simple, warm, white broth with suspended purple cubes bobbing about.   As I submerged my spoon to investigate what had just been placed before me, I was alarmed at the quantity of purple cubes hidden in the depths of the tiny bowl.  I thought to myself that this couldn’t possibly be the proper ratio of liquid to cube, for to ration the coconut milk to last with each bite of taro root, I would need to consume at least 5-6 purple cubes at a time!  This worried me. 


Thoughts that passed at this moment:

1. Purple

2. I really liked that Mango and Sticky Rice

3. Quite purple

4. What if I don’t want that many hunks of taro root in my mouth at one time? I will then need more coconut milk


I cautiously took a spoonful containing exactly one piece of taro root.   It simply tasted like warm, sweetened coconut milk (which is delicious!), and the root added a gummy, starchy, textural component.   It was good.  I did ask myself once, why I was eating it, but it was good.


It also immediately commanded a sense of play.   My friends and I wanted to touch it, poke it, squeeze it and giggle at it.  Perhaps, this was not so culturally refined of us, and maybe even considered offensive to Thai cuisine/culture in some circles.  Still, it’s what we did.  I am not ashamed.  (For goodness sake, our culture is the one that packages yogurt in squeezable tubes.  We were certainly not judging.  Just playing).


So, we regained our sense of play for an evening, ate almost all of the contents of the bowl, and I was quite pleased with my culinary adventure. 


In fact, here is a Haiku:

Purple cubes dancing

Through white fogs of milky joy

To play with a tongue 



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