I Scream. You Scream.

Before culinary school I did a lot of recreational baking, but never ventured too far beyond the oven. I’d certainly never considered making my own ice cream. Ben, Jerry, and Mr.Haagen-Dazs seemed to have a pretty good handle on things. My knowledge of ice cream did not extend far beyond its name. It was probably cream, which had probably been iced.

I do remember trying to make ice cream one time in the first grade. We put cream and I’m not sure what else in a Ziploc bag within another bag filled with a bunch ice and kept flipping it over and over and over again, until it turned into a sort of cold, semi-solid, soup. It’s a very vague memory, but that’s the extent of my ice-cream making experience. Did anyone else do this? Or do people have no clue what I’m going on about? Still, this rudimentary system of making ice cream was consistent with my theory. There was Cream. In had been Iced. It was Iced Cream.

Anyway, we made ice cream in class. For the most part, its made a lot like I’d expected (what with ice and cream and such), but it also is an incredible outlet for creativity that I’d never expected.

Our class developed flavors like Chai Tea, Sweet Basil , Tiramisu and Rosewater Raspberry. The chai, or course, being the most delicious (also the flavor my partner and I made.)

We first boiled the cream, sugar, salt with fresh chai tea over the stove, allowing it to steep and develop a mellow, cream color. Then, eggs were incorporated for an extra creamy texture. (The use of eggs in ice cream is also known as “French Ice Cream”). We strained it and stored in the refrigerator overnight to develop a better texture and flavor (Good ice cream needs beauty sleep).

The next day we put it in the ice cream machine and out came creamiest, silkiest, more delicious ice cream I’d ever tasted. It was beautifully spiced, like a freshly brewed cup of tea, and had the most mouth-watering, mouth-coating, velvety texture. Seriously Tasty.

Really. The experience has caused me to reassess all of the business plans filed away in my head. They now all involve lots of ice cream. Its opened up a whole new world to me in which I now scream. For ice cream.



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2 responses to “I Scream. You Scream.

  1. Jules

    And you will be making said dessert when you come visit, right?! 🙂 See you soon!!

  2. Kari

    I made ice cream in ziploc bags with the kids in the summer program last year–it was tasty! But, not *nearly* as tasty as your chai ice cream sounds. YUM!

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