The Happiest Stomach on Earth


This past weekend, I visited my brother and his lovely fiancé in Orlando, Florida, and together, we dedicated ourselves to eating enormous quantities of ice cream.   In less than three days, I consumed ice cream on three different occasions.  Perfect.


Ice Cream Number One:

At Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon (a happiness jungle of waterslides and fleshy tourists lacking proper coverage), we ordered a sundae that is thematically served in a bucket.  Yes, a bucket.  The very same kind you use for digging holes in the sand.  It also came with a matching shovel, but after several failed attempts to actually fit the shovel into my mouth, I switched back to a conventional, yet well-designed, spoon. 

The excavation site, which was our sundae, had all the topping conceivable.  There was fudge, cherry, whipped cream, sprinkles, broken bits of cone, and I’m sure more bits of delicious things concealed the slop.  


Ice Cream Number Two:

Peanut and Jelly Milkshake.  So good.  There is little more to say than this. Oh, except that we ordered our milkshakes at the “50’s Prime Time Café” in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, where the theme allows the waiters to be snarly if you forget to use your napkin or put elbows on the table.   Thus, we were scolded on filling up on sweets and then not finishing our meals (a common theme in my life).  But I can tell you this! No scolding waiter is going to keep me from my ice cream!


Ice Cream Number Three:

Less than 12 hours after the milkshakes, all of us decided it was time to visit the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain at Downtown Disney….to ensure ice cream quality control throughout all of Walt Disney World, or course.

We shared a peanut butter sundae, complete with whipped cream and a cherry.   Delicious.  We at least had the decency to share our weekend finale ice cream, but admitted with glutton’s pride (a double sin whammy!) that we each could have handled our own.  I have no doubt in my mind that we could have. 


So, that was my weekend.  Filled the brim with creamy, dairy goodness.   I highly recommend indulging in a weekend like this of your own.   Not only is it good for your bones, but as your waistline grows, I’m pretty sure that happiness levels increase.



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2 responses to “The Happiest Stomach on Earth

  1. Jules

    This might be my favorite post – probably because it involves my favorite food and a picture of the Muppet 3-D Movie queue 🙂 I definitely think next time you visit we should try at least 5 ice cream varieties. What do you think?!

  2. kitchendoor

    You are hilarious. And like…I know that you are hilarious, but probably the casual observer wouldn’t describe you that way, except in these essays you are like…making me snort every five seconds. Carry on, please.

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