Mignardise: A stupid word

This week I finish a class called “Cookies, Tarts and Mignardise.”

This class has moved at a tedious pace, to say the least. In fact, do you know what I say to this class? I say, “Mignardise, you are a stupid word!”

And not because it’s unfamiliar. I enjoy many unfamiliar words. Boondoggle, for example. Boondoggle is a great word.

The title of the course is repetitive (so is the content of the course, but we’ll save that for a rainy day.) From what I understand, a cookie is a sub-category of Mignardise. A Mignardise is simply a bite-sized dessert. Something that you can just pop into your mouth. And if that’s the case, a small tart could ALSO be a Mignardise. So, perhaps they should just call the class, “Mignardise.” Instead, they just tag it on as an elitist sounding afterthought.

Perhaps, I’m taking out my anger on a word who’s not at fault. Still. I think its stupid.



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One response to “Mignardise: A stupid word

  1. Lauren

    Fully agreed. It makes the class sound like more than it really is. Lame.

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