Takeoff with the Biscoff


Perhaps I haven’t mentioned this before, but I like cookies.

I also like when I’m given snacks on airplanes. I like snacks. Cookies ON airplanes is joy beyond words.

When I was little, I looked forward to airplane food, despite its mediocrity. I’d sit there, peeking my head out into the aisle, counting the rows of seats until the stewardess would get to me and take my order. (This was during a time when there was airplane food to be had and when I could say stewardess, rather than “flight attendant,” without being politically incorrect.) Snacks on a plane break up the monotony of clouds and tray-tables.

Although, airplane food is a rarity these days, most airlines have maintained some sense of decency and will throw a pack of peanuts, pretzels or even COOKIES at their passengers. It’s the ones that throw the cookies that I’m most fond of.

This past weekend, I traveled a one-hour flight on Delta. Fifteen minutes after take-off, the Flight Attendant announced that she would not be serving snacks or beverages due to turbulence and the short length of the flight.

The Man next to me made a puppy-dog cry of disappointment, though his eyes were clearly filled with thoughts of revolution… the snack drawer was only 4 aisles ahead of us and if the flight attendant turned her back… At least I knew I was not the only one who assessed air-travel quality by snackage.

He turned and began telling me about the Biscoff. Delta’s very own brand of cookie. He looked forward to the Biscoff. He loved the Biscoff. He really wanted a Biscoff. I sympathized with his disappointment. The Biscoff fuses both graham cracker and ginger snap qualities that leaves you wanting more. The cookie even has the words DELTA embossed on its face. Impressive, we both determined.

The temptation was too much and my neighbor leaned over as the flight attendant walked by and asked if there was any possibility in the world that we might have just one Biscoff cookie! I was slightly terrified. I’m not one to make extra demands, for fear of being an obnoxious customer. With one eyebrow raised, she walked away. She was a large women and I hoped we hadn’t made an enemy. I was in this by association. In the next minute, she came back and stealthily dropped cookies in our laps without a word, and put her finger to her lips with a sly smile.

It was a joyful moment and you would have thought we were both ten years old.

Exiting the aircraft was the apex of our adventure. As I was passing the flight attendant on the way out, she stopped me, looked around, and said, “Open your purse.” I did what I was told without asking questions. SHE DUMPED THE ENTIRE PLANE’S WORTH OF BISCOFF COOKIES INTO MY BAG! We’d hit the jackpot! My seatmate and I did a little happy dance outside the aircraft and split the treasure 50-50. We happily nibbled on cookies all the way through chaos of JFK, with airplane snacks to last us several flights and back…



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6 responses to “Takeoff with the Biscoff

  1. providentiallife

    OH. MY. GOD. That is a wonder. I love it. I am so happy. This is excellent. I can’t stand it. What a bright end to a good day.

    You rock my world. xoxoxo.

  2. Lauren

    What a great adventure with a stranger. The way you retell this story really brings it to life. Your writing is first-class. You will be famous one day for that very reason.

  3. Jules

    I flew US Airways last week and I did not get a damn thing. In fact, they had RUN OUT OF DIET COKE on one leg of the trip. Needless to say, Alison and I were horrified. We shall take Delta next time 🙂 Enjoy your cookies.

    Also, as a side note, 2 years ago my mom sent me the biggest [plastic] cookie jar EVER of biscoff. Apparently you can buy them online somewhere. I shall investigate for your 25th birthday because I am quite confident you will still have a sufficient supply for your 24th

  4. CK

    You can buy Biscoff cookies at any Walgreens pharmacy. They are in the food section. They’re European cookies and I love them.

  5. 1) Biscoff cookies rock my world and I am extremely jealous that you got the motherload to devour!

    2) Midwest Airlines not only serves cookies, not only serves warm chocolate chip cookies, BUT THEY BAKE THEM FRESH ON THE PLANE! Its ridiculous. You can smell them starting when you board, and then once you reach altitude, two melty pieces of yummy goo land on your tray table.

    Needless to say, I love when I get to fly Midwest.

  6. dessertation

    hmm…I did not know this of Midwest…I may have to explore these fresh baked cookies on the plane. Its brilliant! 🙂

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