Overindulgence with a Cherry on Top

We started by ordering the most random assortment of items possible on the menu. “Waiter,” or let’s call him Dwain, “Dwain, could be please get the gnocchi with ducks’ liver, French fries, and fried calamari, please.” Oh, and a tart thing. I can’t quite remember, but there was also a savory tart involved.


A delicious start.


My girlfriends and I shared this smorgasbord and then sat to digest at the movies. After the film (a quality flick to be sure) was over we went to the nearby diner. In my world, the day would not be complete without dessert. So, we scanned the menu and decided upon the giant “candyshop sundae,” with a side of mozzarella sticks.

Our sundae arrived in bucket-like chalice. The distinct layering created by the well-distributed hot fudge, chopped candy bits, and whipped cream reminded me of a cross-section of the earth. Three cherries decorated the top. A sight to behold and devour.

As our spoons (Or perhaps just “spoon.” Singular. I might have been the only one who persevered to the very end) hit the bottom of the bowl, we were all full and happy. Sometimes, a little overindulgence is good for us.

I’ve decided that there are very few things as pleasurable as a well-made sundae on a late Saturday night. Especially in summer. Its those beautiful hot, sweaty days when the air conditioning hits you as you walk though the doors and as you slide into the booth, the cheap, red, plastic diner seats squeak against the backs of your sweaty legs.


Those are Sundae Days.




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One response to “Overindulgence with a Cherry on Top

  1. kitchendoor

    That was a really effing good night.

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