Here. I’ve made you a Galette.



It was a fresh fruit galette, to be exact.  I also like to call this, “the lazy man’s pie,” because it doesn’t require that I find the pie pan (My family just moved, so not wanting to search for the pie pan isn’t quite as lazy as it might sound.  Although, I wouldn’t jump straight to calling myself industrious either).  It also doesn’t involve any lattice-work or decorative topping.  This is another plus for the baker who wants to get it all in the oven, no frills, and start eating as soon as humanly possible. 


All I really had to do is roll out my pie dough into a circle (preferably round, but perfection is not necessary…just call it “rustic.”)  Then I mixed my filling, piled it in the center of my dough and folded up its edges to encase the filling.  There is also a little egg-washing the crust and topping with sugar (with which I went a wee bit overboard…)  Next, into the oven it goes and out comes a galette!


Despite the effortlessness, or the “laziness,” of the endeavor, there was something rather dignified about the rustic elegance of the final product.  The galette seemed to looked up at me and say, “I am fruit. I am crust. I am pure, unmolded, simple goodness. I am Galette!”


My favorite advantage to making a Galette, only made better by its minimalism, is that you can serve it and announce, “I’ve made you this Galette!”  Then people go, “Oooo. A Galette!” without a single clue as to what a galette might be or what it should look like.  You’ve made a perfect specimen.



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2 responses to “Here. I’ve made you a Galette.

  1. kitchendoor


  2. That is the most beautiful, perfect galette I’VE ever seen!!!

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