Steam Kettle and Me

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Steam Kettle. 


Steam Kettle and I were not always the bosom buddies that we are today. Being a bit gruff and rather large, I found him a tad beastly (and slightly terrifying).  He hissed and clacked and I wasn’t sure which knob to turn where. 


During our first close encounter, Steam Kettle jangled so loudly that I was instructed to loosen a valve below his belly to relieve some pressure.  I wanted to object in modest protest, seeing as we’d only just met and I didn’t want to come across as too forward.  Instead, I timidly reached, twisted and turned his bolt.  Not only was the valve as hot as Hades, but as a result, water sprayed all over the bottom half of my pants.  To say the least, our introduction was a memorable one. 


As time progressed, Steam Kettle and I became more comfortable with one another.  We bonded over chocolate crème brulees and pastry cream.   I’d stare fondly into the great vats of molten liquid as Steam Kettle reverberated sweetly.   I know look forward to the melodious clatter.  I turn Steam Kettle’s wheels, understand his temperatures, reach fearlessly into his depths with my whisk and can quickly adjust his pressures accordingly. 


Dear Steam Kettle, so many custards would not be possible without you.


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