Oh Henry…Exclamation!



Quick! What’s in an Oh Henry! Bar?!


It’s okay if you don’t know!  No one really does! Exclamation!


My noggin has been lingering over the Oh Henry! Bar, ever since I found it in a variety pack of classic miniatures, alongside Goobers, 100 Grand, and Raisinettes, for the upcoming Halloween festivities (I also know I probably shouldn’t let my noggin linger on things like an Oh Henry! because there are probably better things it could be doing, but ANYWAY…Exclamation!)  With Halloween quickly approaching, the aisles of grocery stores have transformed into a dazzling display of chocolate bars and confections on parade (much like they will do again and again, for Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter…same thing, different colors).  Our candy favorites make their debut in pumpkin and bat-molded Halloween form and magically revitalize their desirability…because nothing says Festival of the Dead like themed candy!


There are very few candies that have not costumed-up for the festivities.  Only those too neglected to get a spotlight, remain untouched by October’s theme.  The Oh Henry! Bar is a prime example.  Although, I would never want to see it lose dignity by having to wear a witch hat or changing its colors to neon green and orange, I do believe it is one of the most neglected and underrated candy bars on the market.  In fact, the variety pack I found resembles a sort of Island of Misfit Toys of the Candy World.   They’re all wonderful.  Just misunderstood. 


So, what’s in the Oh Henry! bar that’s been lingering on my mind?


Well, there is no nougat.  Although, its inside could be easily confused for nougat because it’s got that chewy density, but it’s actually filled with fudge, peanuts and caramel, all fused together into masticatable delight and covered with chocolate.  As opposed to a Snicker’s Bar, the peanuts of an Oh Henry! are finer chopped, giving it a smoother consistency, yet maintaining the appeal of textural variety.  Overall, an overlooked, but top-notch candy bar. 


That’s what’s in an Oh Henry…




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One response to “Oh Henry…Exclamation!

  1. kitchendoor

    There is fudge in an Oh Henry? Who the eff knew? Now I kind of want one.

    Also, I love you because you use words like “masticatable”.

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