“If I wanted to ride a horse, I would move to Wyoming and find a cowboy” or “But, I will have some cake.”



So. This thought is a month and several days delayed…Weddings and Wedding Cake.  


I love weddings when they’re about marriage.  I love love, man.  My brother and my sister-in-law got married in September and it was beautiful.  It was about love.  Everything about it.  The couple was beautiful.  The families and guests were beautiful.  The cake was beautiful.  Everything about the day showcased heartfelt and simple love…thus making it beautiful.


Being a twenty-something, many of my female friends have Weddingmania… Weddingmania = less about love.  Hands itching for diamonds and conversations in form of looping hypothetical situations infiltrate daily conversations …if you were to wear a strapless dress for your wedding… if you were to get married in the Fall … if you had 15 bridesmaids… if you wanted to enter the church on horseback…


If people aren’t busy making their own preemptive weddings plans, they dissect the wedding that they last attended…which was probably last weekend.   After the topic of wedding dress has been covered, the conversation often turns to The Cake. 


While I get discouraged when marriage becomes more about weddings than…well, than about marriage, The Cake is something I can get behind.  Although, sometimes, it seems The Cake runs into the same danger as the wedding itself.  Too many cakes with beautifully fondant-covered exteriors enrobe insipid, uninspiring interiors. Beyond, beautiful decoration and design (or the gowns and dance-floors), a proper cake (or wedding) should embody something flavorful and delicious. 


The cakes (wedding +rehearsal dinner) at my brother’s wedding, much like the wedding itself, were lovely, but also full of delectable substance.  My friend Snarly Karly and the Wildflourettes (I think that has band-name potential) made the rehearsal dinner cake.  It matched the wedding invitation perfectly and looked like this….





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3 responses to ““If I wanted to ride a horse, I would move to Wyoming and find a cowboy” or “But, I will have some cake.”

  1. Jules

    Those are our cakes! Darn tasty ones, too 🙂 And you’re right, the wedding was definitely about two things: love and cake. What else could you possibly need?

  2. marilyncrooker

    Loved this entry on your blog, and just couldn’t resist sending you a quote from the book I am reading at the moment. It is from Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz….which is not my usual reading material. It says:
    “Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake.” Ain’t that the truth? Kinda like “Pie fixes everything”. All good things to live our lives by.

    “Mom” Marilyn aka Mrs.crooker

  3. Right on! Love rules. And stuff. 🙂 And cake is really just some nice food to eat in celebration of the main event—which is the looove 🙂


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