The Cupcake Coup

Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes.  To the terror of everyone involved, the launch of a new cupcake shop looms in the future of Corporate the Giant.  This means that each day, we conjure up bucket loads and bucket loads of cupcakes. In fact, mini-muffin cups and icing ooze from our pores as we sweat. 

Last week, I accompanied the Pastry Chef to an off-site catering event, where we exuded copious amount cupcakes in promotion of the new shop.   For days before, we baked tray after tray, while the seemingly innocent cupcakes accumulated in cooler.  Multiplying day-by-day in the dark of the cooler, some believe they were raising an army for a cupcake coup.  First, they took over the rack where we store the cookie dough.  Who could tell where they might strike next?  Like rabbits, it seemed they would copulate, and, perhaps less like rabbits, appropriate (Unless, of course they were particularly aggressive rabbits). 

I was at the helm of the cupcake genesis.   In fact, if it was indeed an army, I was the main recruiter…the Chef being, of course, General.  Each day, I baked and eventually frosted.  With a shortage of cupcake pans, we developed an almost scientific system of rotation and consolidation.   It was the process of frosting that took the most time, and despite their deceptively small size, used gobs of icing.  Naturally, the frosting also increased the height of each cake baby, making it progressively more difficult to find storage space.    

Eventually, we me our cupcake number goals for the promotional event.   There, we acted as a cupcake dispenser and in a few short weeks, the shop will open and we will have a permanent outlet to unleash cupcake armies upon the world. 

Until then, I will be hidden in the bowels of Corporate the Giant, plotting, baking, and icing away…



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  1. kitchendoor

    You continue to be delightful, with the possible exception of your use of the word “bowels” in a post about delicious cupcakes.

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