Cherry Merry Muffin and Me

Ever since Corporate the Giant opened its new cupcake shop and I was crowned The Cupcake Queen, I’ve be unintentionally thinking about cupcakes all the time.  I am surrounded by them, they’ve entered my subconscious, and I even dream cupcakes.   Frosting flavors, cake batters, and sprinkles dance through my head, and throughout these cupcake pontifications I’ve rediscovered something amusing about my past. 


Let’s take a sentimental journey back to 1991.   During this peculiar period of yesteryear, when not occupying my time roller skating to Paula Abdul, or sporting my neon green and hot pink tracksuit while watching Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, I entertained much of my time with dolls. 

More curious than my mother’s sailor themed pants suit, I have noticed a trend with the dolls I played with and how remarkably relevant their theme is with my current life.  An oddly overwhelming percentage of my dolls looked like cupcakes, or else, their fictional personas revolved around the baking of cupcakes.

Beyond BonBon, the cookie baking My Little Pony, or Strawberry Shortcake, a recently re-popularized iconic toy of the 80’s, there were others, equally as odd and twice as pink.  One doll, called a “Cupcake Doll,” was a sort of ill-proportioned, female Transformer.  The doll’s rubbery skirt flipped inside out and over her head to become the ridged cupcake wrapper.  While the doll sank down into her skirt, her large brimmed hat creatively played the role of icing.  Instantly, through 1990’s magic, your doll converted into a plastic, sparkly, sprinkled, cherry-on-top cupcake.  There was something vaguely avant-garde and wonderfully frightening about the entire process.  Even then, I remember not being entirely sure how to play with the toy in cupcake form, due to the fact that I knew there was a hidden person inside and pretending to eat it seemed cannibalistic.  Even to the imagination of a seven year old.  


Another dessert themed doll was Cherry Merry Muffin, who wore an entire cupcake as a hat upon her head and came fully loaded with scratch and sniff recipe cards (all of which I used, experimenting on my family with simple concoctions of strawberries on frozen waffles, and ice cream and ReddiWhip atop packaged chocolate cookies.)  Cherry Merry Muffin had many very merry friends, including Chocolottie, Betty Berry, Apple Amy and Banancy.  They all baked, were scented, sparkled and contained some level of pink.  Extraordinarily, I can also be in descried this way. 


With the guidance of Cherry Merry Muffin and The Cupcake Gang, it is no wonder I’m cup-caking away here at Corportate the Giant.  I played with cupcakes then, I play with cupcakes now.  This is less plastic involved and my cupcakes don’t magically birth dolls, but perhaps not much has changed since 1991.



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2 responses to “Cherry Merry Muffin and Me

  1. Jules

    Marissa! I, too, had Cherry Merry Muffin! I played with her a lot. Do you remember that her hat could be removed and fastened to your wrist as a ‘bracelet’? I tried it once but it was pretty bulky. I also recall a tin of muffins came with her, but it was impossible to get her to actually hold them. CMM might actually still be in our playroom. I shall further investigate this month and report back. I wonder if she still smells good?!

  2. I had the cupcake dolls, TOO! I flipped their skirts back and forth, like, a zillion times. I think my sister and I pretended they were superheroines who had powers of dessert (a sweet tooth even then). LOVE IT. Also, I love the new banner photo. You look so focused. 🙂

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