10 Favorite Flavors and the thoughts that come with them…

1. Brown Butter: I prefer my butter like I prefer my friends.  A bit nutty.

2. Milk Chocolate: Although some turn up their noses, call it unsophisticated, and reduce the flavor to a yokel’s delight, I prefer my antioxidants in low doses, diluted with cream, marshmallows and sandwiched in-between graham crackers.

3. Marshmallow: Speaking of the S’more….In addition to the fact that the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man takes the cake as the sweetest movie-monster to hit the screens, gelatin is just plain fun.  I love the fluff, the sinking of teeth, the slight resistance, and the pillow-like manifestation of sugar.

4. English Breakfast Tea: Best if served with a cookie.  Or two.  If there are no cookies, a handful of M&M’s will do.

5. Champagne: Champagne is best after dessert, or alongside boxes chocolate-covered strawberries.  It is prudent to have enough chocolate covered strawberries to last the duration of the bottle, or conversely, enough bottles to last throughout the consumption of strawberries.

6. Honey:  Philomela means, “Honey Love.”  Despite the sweet sound, Philomela is the character of Greek myth whose tongue is cut out and subsequently transforms into a swallow.   I have a love for honey, but am not a honey love.

7. Concord Grape:  Before a housing development bulldozed them down, there was a small vineyard across the street from my childhood home.  When the wind blew right and their scent hit their air, my dad and me knew it was time for grape-eating season.

8. Dark Chocolate:  Forgive me Milk Chocolate, but I am a philanderer.  An equal opportunist gigolo of darks, milks and whites, it is in my nature to roam.

9. Peanut butter:  Chunky, creamy, home-make, store-bought, in my ice-cream, in my sandwich, on a spoon, in my belly.

10. Corn: I’m a Midwestern girl with Midwestern needs.


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