Sugar’s Debutante Ball

I’ve always known that sugar was beautiful.  From the first erupting bite of juice in a wedge of sugar-packed watermelon to the satisfying colored coating encasing each M&M, sugar speaks to me in its various forms.

Sugar has been my loyal friend.  Together, we’ve spent many memorable Thanksgivings toasted atop the sweet potatoes, many birthdays blowing out candles, and every Halloween ensuring we’ve eliminated all of the packets of raisins or granola bars from out midst.  We give familiar nods while passing through the checkout line of the grocery store and support each other in pint-sized portions while watching You’ve Got Mail and crying because Tom Hanks turns out to be the one…again.

Today, I began a class called, “Confectionary Arts and Specialty Cakes,” and it was like waking up and realizing that you’re love with your best friend.  Sugar walked down the metaphorical stairs in its metaphorical evening gown and not only was it the familiar friend that had always been there for me, but it was breathtakingly radiant.

Through techniques of heating, cooling, pulling and adding colors, sugar came into its full fruition.  It was not only the delicious treat I know and love, but a living, malleable, medium for art.  It can be blown just like glass to create delicate figurines, or pulled to become an elegant, satin bow.  The possibilities of our future together made my heart skip beats.

Although today we watched the chef demonstrate the beauty of sugar from afar, tomorrow I will get to touch it myself and get to know my friend on a whole new level.  This is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship and the best is yet to come.


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