“If You Give a Quack a Cake” or, “Buddy Takes a Trip to the Big Apple”

The chef for my class, “Confectionary Arts and Specialty Cakes,” could not possibly have foreseen how the simple assignment to design and construct our own cake might encourage a mediumly deranged, muppet centric minded me to manufacture the gem that I did.   Give a quack a cake and peculiar events transpire.  Eyes appear where bows should be and the customary roses mutate into rubber duckies.  Yes, rubber duckies.

I carefully colored my icing.  As purple as a People Eater and as orange as Gobo Fraggle.  I enrobed my cake and the bright canvas awaited its prospective life.   For the large, bottom layer, I applied icing with what is commonly known as a, “grass tip.”  The idea of a grass tip is to force the icing through many small holes, while simultaneously pulling back, creating many, thin threads.  If green, the tip creates a grass-like effect, but in this case the icing was bright orange and thus, I have renamed it, “The Fur Applicator.”

Next came the construction of gum paste ribbons.  And by “ribbons,” I mean “hair.”   I twisted loops and draped them over dowel rods to give them the proper bend, suitable for fabricating the desired tousled, monster locks.

(Also, the cake shall hence be known as….Buddy.)

Buddy quickly began to take shape, but like Frosty and his top hat, it was not until I applied his blown-sugar eyes and fangs that he jumped to life.  Just one more detail and Buddy would be ready for the world.  To make Buddy complete, he needed a monster companion – a little friend with whom he could share monster jokes and discuss his favorite pop-tart flavors.   Thus, a small and discreet Rubber Ducky was born and discreetly nested in Buddy’s ribbon-hair.

Buddy and Buddy’s buddy were now eager to set out and explore.   I packaged them carefully in a box, fully equipped with cling-wrap window and drawn-on front door, and carried them with me to the Metro North Railroad, headed toward The Big Apple.

Yes, I carried Buddy to and around New York City.  How else was I supposed to present him to my lovely, lady friends, so we could proceed to drink wine and eat him?  Although Buddy’s fate was a fork, for cakes are not meant to last, he was a good monster and I am proud to call him my very first attempt at designing and creating a tiered cake.



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4 responses to ““If You Give a Quack a Cake” or, “Buddy Takes a Trip to the Big Apple”

  1. kitchendoor

    You forgot to talk about that guy from the bar who wanted to know who those hot broads were carrying a bigass cake.

    SPOILER ALERT: it was us.

  2. i am OBSESSED with this cake. OBSESSED

  3. sorellaaglio

    I am so sad I did not get to eat it….!

  4. I want to be friends with this cake! LOVE IT!!!!!

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