Sugar Tooth? Not Me.

This week at culinary school, I began a course called, “Chocolate and Confections,” and it’s got me thinking all sugary…

My Top Ten Favorite Candies:

  1. Marshmallows – Not only can eat them melted in a S’more on the beach, but they also assist me in the celebration the springtime (and apparently, Jesus) in ambiguously chick-shaped, sugar-coated form.
  2. Jujubes – Contrary to the name’s suggestion, I am not entirely convinced that these candies contain any supernatural powers, or so-called, “lucky,” attributes.   Perhaps, the Juju does not refer to the West African variety, but the name simply derives from the Ket language of Central Siberia from the word meaning, “will get lodged in your molars.”
  3. Twizzlers – Wax? Perhaps.  Cherry-flavored?  It’s debatable.  Can I bite off both ends and use it as a straw?  Most definitely.
  4. Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears – Once upon a time, a gummy bear met some chocolate in a bar.  Two bottles of Yoohoo later, the tin foil came off and things got messy.   Melted and ready to enrobe, chocolate merged with the gummy in a delicious night of debauchery.
  5. Good ‘N Pleny – Unlike the Jujubes, the Good ‘N Plenty are honest.  They are good and I always have plenty.
  6. Peppermint Patties- “Yes, Sir.  These are delicious.  Especially stored in the refrigerator, Sir,” said Marcie.
  7. The Cadbury Egg –  The commercials with the clucking rabbit so profoundly disturbed my mother that I’d accepted her repulsion toward the candy as my own.  Not a single Cadbury Egg had passed through my lips until I left the nest at age 18 and discovered the joys a clucking rabbit could bring.
  8. The Sucker –  No, not you.  The confectionary kind…Dum Dums.
  9. Chocolate Chips –  Not just in the cookie.  By the handful.
  10. The Buckeye – This is an Ohioan interpretation of the peanut butter cup.   Apparently, the buckeye nut of the Ohio buckeye tree (Ohio’s State Tree), which the candy represents, was considered a good luck charm in American folklore, increasing both luck and wisdom…Did you hear that Jujubes?

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