Peeps, Gelatin and Getting Your Snack On.

As a culinary student, I could make the excuse that its part of my profession to know the latest nom-noms, keep up with food trends, and have a healthy curiosity for popular consumption.

But, this would be lying.  My hobby of plate peeping (snack seeing) has no greater motivation, other than to find comfort in the fact that other peoples’ habits may be more bizarre than my own.  If we’re being honest (and I like to believe we are) it’s purely selfish, with absolutely no academic pursuits.

Imagine you’re sitting on a bus and the person next to you whips out a fruit roll-up, or pizza-flavored combos, or Gushers.  Perhaps, you’d lift your organically pristine nose into the air and tut-tut your whole-grain incrusted tongue.  Personally, I love these people…..people unashamedly having snack-time fun, if not being a bit self-indulgent.  I would love to see someone pull out Dunkaroos from their bag and publically enjoy nibbling and dipping each kanga graham.   Do you remember Dunkaroos?  Those are going to make a comeback.  Just like Koala Yummies.   (Sidenote: What’s with the marsupial snackage theme of the 90s?)

Like I said, I am relieved when others making the same shameful eating choices that I do.  In fact, sometimes I’m so overwhelmed with joy of grotesque consumption that I get carried away.

Example:  A week ago, thought it would be worth my time to suspend Peeps in Jell-O.

What better an application than those leftover Peeps from Easter than combining them with a Bill Cosby favorite?

Despite the simple motivation behind my project, the task proved to be more difficult than expected.  Issues from the translucence of the gelatin to keeping the Peeps properly submerged in the setting Jell-O surfaced as unexpected roadblocks on the journey to materializing my rather outlandish snack-fantasy.   (Not to mention that I had to individually pre-coat and freeze each Peep with a thin layer of gelatin so their festive blue and pink sugar didn’t dissolve into the Jell-O).

Although a Dunkaroo would probably have been tastier, as well as easier to fabricate, I eventually achieved marginal success with the Peeps.  As envisioned, they floated in a plasma-like ether, as if suspended in time and space….it was art.

So, the next time you catch someone looking while you pull the milk dud out of your molars, or perhaps, you begin to judge that guy’s greasy slice of pizza, remember the peep frozen in time, space and Jell-O.  To each his own snack.



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3 responses to “Peeps, Gelatin and Getting Your Snack On.

  1. Veronica Riffle

    Your investigations are so chemistry oriented. You do your former teacher proud! I want to share your blog with my students so they can understand how much fun chemistry in practice can be.

  2. Jules

    I loved Dunkaroos! If I ever see them in a store I shall send them your way so you can experiment with them

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