Golden Raisin – You Sly Dog, You.

How come nobody told me that a golden raisin and a regular, old raisin come from the same grape?  Having been an avid grape and raisin-eater throughout my entire life, I feel like this is something I should have known.

Did you know?

I feel deceived.

All grapes turn brown in the sun.  Just like all bananas, or apples or anything else that is oxidized…. So, I’m not sure why I imagined a green grape, like a Thompson Seedless, might have some magical, nature-made sunscreen to shield itself from the sun’s rays.  I mean, grapes do hold some super-powers.  They make wine, and if that’s not a miracle from Mount Olympus, I’m Darkwing Duck.

Despite the miracle of merlot, at the end of the day, the sun turns all grapes brown.  The wily, Golden raisin is first processed with sulfur dioxide and then dried mechanically at very controlled temperatures and humidities.    That’s why it’s light in color.  Nothing to do with the grape varietal.

So, now I know your secret, you sneaky little raisin.



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2 responses to “Golden Raisin – You Sly Dog, You.

  1. I didn’t know this! Crazy. It makes me want to research as to the difference between Raisins and Sultanas….

  2. Jules

    I did not know this either! Thank you for enlightening us. I have a good cookie recipe using golden raisins that would probably be delicious to make right about now

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