Toast: And other foods for the aching, coughing, and bedridden.

Here’s the deal:  If you’re sick and you work in a kitchen…..tough nuggets (no pun intended).  Come snowstorm, salmonellosis, Donner or Blitzen, people still eat.  And they generally don’t inquire about the well-being of the kitchen staff if their dinner is late or lousy.   So, in the spirit of our thespian brethren, “the show must go on.”

I’ve had a terrible week (For the record, this is not a complaint, but a simple statement of fact.  Fact.).  Other facts:  1) I had a fever of 102F; 2) I fell asleep at 6:30pm two nights in a row due physical exhaustion; 3) I somehow managed to prepare all of the required desserts for class and did so within the designated amount of time.

Other than sleeping, maintaining my composure and concealing my zombie-like temperament (a vacant expression and groaning sans the flesh-eating desires), I spent the week nourishing my ills with feel-good foods.

The menu included:  Toast, a can of SpaghettiOs, elbow noodles with butter and salt, freeze-Pops, lots of tea, and a random coconut panna cotta…or two.

Perhaps, these aren’t everybody’s favorite “feel-good” foods, but they are some of mine (minus the panna cotta, which I just happened to have a dozen extra of in the refrigerator…normally, I don’t even like panna cotta.  It is, in fact, gelatinized milk, but I will save the Panna Cotta Rant for another day).

FGFs (…feel good foods…I feel its one’s prerogative to create his or her own abbreviations…. Especially acronyms, whenever remotely possible)  are the most personal of the foods, stemming from childhood memories and repressed family habits, which brazenly surface during those desperate and vulnerable times.    Thoughts of nutrition, social connotations or the former shame of passing though the check-out line with three boxes of Zebra Cakes disappears faster than pint of Chunky Monkey on Girl’s Night.

They’re freeing.  They bring us back to our roots, our childhood and strip us of our adulthood expectations of responsibility and false notions well-being that tackle us to salads and soy, when all we really want is a grilled cheese and a giant bowl of tomato soup.

So, although we only give these foods their dues when we feel destitute and defective, they are a sort of lifeblood. They are fill our stomachs and they rejuvenate the soul.


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One response to “Toast: And other foods for the aching, coughing, and bedridden.

  1. sorellaaglio

    I was stomach sick last week, and ate tons of tomato soup, and bought Uncle Ben’s instant rice, and ate some oyster crackers…it is marvelous…

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