A Quarter of a Century. Makes a Girl Think.

Turning twenty-five reminds me of Marilyn Monroe in the movie Some Like It Hot.  Upon turning “a quarter of a century,” she decides its time to take control of her life and, once and for all, abandon her fetish for no-good, saxophone players, who tend to leave her with nothing more than, “a pair of old socks and a tube of toothpaste, all squeezed out.”

In attempts reestablish her life, she travels to Florida in search of a millionaire husband.   Preferably, one who wears glasses and owns a yacht.   And while, I’m certainly not searching for a husband, be he saxophone player or spectacled millionaire, I am searching for a job.   Not only did I just turn twenty-five but tomorrow, I graduate from Culinary School and I have never been so excited for milestone.

My quarter-of-a-century anxieties are about more than a job, or a millionaire.  Its wanting to do something meaningful.   Stop the moving.  Stop the uncertainty. Write a book.  Make someone’s wedding cake. Plant a geranium.   In fact, my transient existence has even robbed me of the modest luxury of finding a steady hairdresser.  I’ve become a hairdresser hussy, never sitting in the same barber’s chair twice.

Graduation and entering the quarter-century club are my opportunity to get started. To take on the world one cookie at a time.   Two years ago, when I took the turn onto Stuart Street and out the doors of New England School of Law, which I was exiting for the last time after six months, twelve days and nine hours of study (Not that I counted).  I was quitting.  I was quitting law school, but actually, but I’d just begun something spectacular.

It involved buying a bandana, working as a barista at a local bakery, learning to make a latte, eating my first doughnut seconds out of a deep fryer, and finding more humanity in food than in any casebook held in the library.   My life has transformed into deliberate, headfirst jump into a never-ending rabbit hole, and in the words of Alice in Wonderland, “I wonder if I shall fall right through the earth!”

Congratulations fellow graduating bakers!!!!



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3 responses to “A Quarter of a Century. Makes a Girl Think.

  1. kitchendoor


  2. Lauren

    Thanks lady! And hairdresser hussy… I was cracking up. Love you!

  3. Marissa, I love your writing as well! And it’s awesome to hear you found something you’re so passionate about. I look forward to eating one of those strawberries when I get back to the states!! B well, Phil

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