The Status Report: One month after the Culinary Institute of America and still running


I thought I’d been keeping the clutter and commotion of my new life at bay, but after an entire morning of labeling desserts at work with an August date (um, its October), I could see that the chaos had finally infiltrated my brain.


1. A month ago I graduated from Baking and Pastry school

2. Two weeks ago I moved to Boston

3. Ten days ago I bought a new car

4. One week ago I started a new job

5. Two days ago, I figured out which day was garbage day and assembled a kitchen


6. In a week, I hope to add a cat the mix

7. On top of that, my boss at work is on my back like a monkey (and not the particularly benevolent, Curious George-type either)


These things are all equal parts exciting and terrifying.  There are clearly a lot of adventures to be had, but there are also some lions, tigers and bears (and monkeys) along the sidelines.


So.  The New Job.  Again, it is one part excitement and one part, “can’t eat my breakfast for fear that it might come up again.”   First of all, everything at my work is beyond delicious and everything is made entirely from scratch and from wholesome, honest ingredients.   This is why I dreamt of working there and I hope to absorb everything there is to learn from them.


In a space where elbows bump and the storage is slim, from freshly squeezed orange juice to daily baked breads, the place runs like clockwork.   It’s not your average ding-dong grandfather clock, or even digital stopwatch time.  This bakery is on intergalactic, call me Captain Kirk time.


This makes being new tricky and akin to taking a running jump into a moving vehicle.  Image playing double-dutch in high-heels and you’ll begin to get the picture.


So, I move as fast as I know how, which is just up to the point where my limbs begin flailing, and I mix and bake and glaze and frost.   And between the flailing and feeling like I’m running through water, there are shining little moments.  These little sequences of events that are in-step with the others in motion encourage me that I’m already learning.  It’s only been one week, I’m running a little faster, I might catch up to that car after all.




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4 responses to “The Status Report: One month after the Culinary Institute of America and still running

  1. kitchendoor

    we are all so glad you’re here.

  2. You’re a busy girl! Whenever you feel overwhelmed just imagine the amazing salmon dance, and those keys going *JINGLE JINGLE*.

    Well, it always worked for me! 😉

  3. Jules

    YOU ARE ADDING A KITTY CAT TO THE MIX?!?! YAY! I am so excited for that part, and a teensy bit jealous too. Not going to lie 🙂 Sounds like you are settling in Boston, good to talk to you yesterday!

  4. Jackie

    Oh, Marissy 🙂 I’m so excited for you. Everything is going to be great. Definitely with a little whiskers and fur 🙂
    Constantly, amused and entertained by your writing. I just love the style of quirky analogies, makes me giggle 🙂

    Love you!!

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