A Journey to the Land of Bitter Sweetz

Some of you may remember Buddy.  Buddy was a Jim Henson inspired cake-friend with fangs and a pet rubber-ducky.  Although eaten in the spring of 2010, he remains a joyful reminder of creativity’s potential (and I know it only a matter of time before I meet Buddy’s extensive network of family and friends, whom I am told resides on the west side between Brooklyn and Djibouti).

Just a few months ago, Buddy’s distant, Lilliputian cousins were born in Cleveland, Ohio, created by my friend Karly West.  The clan (or shall I say, “gang”) known as the Bitter Sweetz is not an edible family, but they are still just as sweet.  Full of sass and spunk, these sculpted, personified confection-figurines are so full of character that they deserve their own cartoon.

In the land of Bitter Sweetz, inherently joyful and happy cupcakes have come to life in an unexpected way.  These are rebellious little guys armed with spray paint bottles, grit and sprinkles.  The juxtaposition is priceless.   From pirate donuts to yogi gingerbread men, they embody the kind of quirky humor that carries us to a place where the world is cast in a different light.  It is a welcomed light that opens the imagination, makes us laugh, raises an eyebrow, and possibly curls a smirk before we chomp down on our next cookie.



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5 responses to “A Journey to the Land of Bitter Sweetz

  1. Maureen Brady Johnson

    These are incredible!!!! I would give you a Saturday morning cartoon show in a minute!!!!
    You should write children’s books with photos of these confections as the illustrations.
    So cute and so creative!!!!!!!
    mrs. J

  2. Battlestar,

    Thanks!!! I was SO HAPPY that these guys were coming to live with you! (with another “thank you” going to your friend Ariel!).

    Haha, I have to say that I did think of you when I was told that unless I made them “cute” no one would understand them. Your awesome Henson tribute made me feel pretty confident that there IS a place in the world for quirky (and somewhat menacing) desserts!


  3. dessertation

    Mrs J!
    The Bitter Sweetz are the creation my friend Karly in Ohio and YES, they do need a book.

  4. dessertation


    I think we should join forces somehow in the future and spread menacing desserts across the globe.


  5. You need to open your own store. Just sayin. 🙂

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