Introductory Candy Consumption 101: M&M Cannibalism Theory

Cannibalism is not a typical topic of humor, but the people over at the Mars Corporation have a twisted sense of humor and I’m completely onboard.  Through the comedic duo of Red and Yellow, these M&M characters can be seen avoiding the roaming eye of a hungry human, but also must be weary of their own kind.

While we might expect this sort behavior from Keebler Elves, who, let’s face it, have always been a bit queer, the M&Ms have an amiable, ordinary way about them that doesn’t raise immediate suspicion.   Because they have been personified with this vulnerable, human disposition, it even becomes bizarre for humans to eye them with hunger-lust, let alone their fellow M&Ms.

The M&Ms brazenly and unashamedly venture into carnal territory, for even creatures as zany as the Muppets think twice about snacking on talking food.  Their general rule: should a banana speak, put it down.  Then again, were the Muppets candy-coated, it might have been a different show.

While the M&M tendency toward cannibalism has been alluded to in the past, there is one commercial that addresses the issue directly.   The scene opens as a man enters a convenient store to fine Red, Yellow and Orange crunching away at M&Ms.

I have particular sympathy for Orange.  Around 1995, Orange became a representative for Crispy M&Ms, which soon vanished from the marketplace, but in April 2010 were reinvented as pretzel-filled, Orange is by far the most neurotic and anxious of the Mars Characters, and perhaps for good reason.   Not only do they show him undergoing unwanted medical procedures of having talking pretzels inserted inside of him, but I am of the belief that Orange was the initial case of documented M&M cannibalism.  In a Crispy M&M promotional ad, Orange pleadingly asks the other M&Ms why everyone likes to eat the Crispy M&Ms. Red and Yellow silently respond by licking Orange.

Clearly, the M&Ms themselves understand that they are the most stackable candy in the vending machine realm.  I applaud Mars Inc., for giving us such delightful cannibal characters to laugh with and enjoy.



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2 responses to “Introductory Candy Consumption 101: M&M Cannibalism Theory

  1. Mary Lynn Sertich

    Oh my gosh that was great. The guy in the first commercial is the same guy that does the intro for Soarin’! Did you realize that?

  2. Matthew Sivulich

    As I read about the orange M&M I looked down and i was about to munch on an orange one.

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