Eating Ice Cream – Singapore Style

I’ve eaten ice-cream atop freshly baked cones, I’ve spooned it straight from the carton, and on one particularly gluttonous occasion in Disney World, I ate it from a beach pail using miniature sand-shovel – not one of my most glamorous moments. 


Throughout my experience of very thorough ice-cream consumption, I’ve never seen ice cream served on bread – not until Singapore.  I’ve had an ice-cream sandwich – yes, of course, but usually on a thin, cookie-like wafer – not a slab of ice cream cut from a large block and placed on regular slice of white bread, which is then folded over for your holding convenience.   That is an entirely different level of simple, drip-free genius. 

All of the ice cream vendors here offer the option of a cone, or a soft piece of bread, sometimes swirled with pink and green and flavored vaguely of pandan. This simple and wondrously drip-free method is the best thing since, well,  sliced bread. 


There are many elements of the Bread Method to enjoy – Not only does one get to enjoy using the words, “slab,” and “ice-cream” in the same sentence, but when you can see the equator across the street, the extra absorbing qualities of the bread makes eating the chilled treat much more manageable.   Dripage becomes a nearly obsolete problem of yesteryear.  The bread also becomes a treat in itself, taking on another life form as it soaks in the sweet, melted cream.  It’s like sopping-up your leftover pasta sauce with a dinner roll, but without lifting a finger.   

Being an Ohio girl at heart, my favorite flavor has become sweet corn, although the coconut is mighty delicious.   I ask for my flavor, watch as my slab is cut from the mother-brick of ice cream, and savor it as I walk through town, confident that each drip will reach my mouth. 






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  1. Unsurprisingly, I loved every bit of this post. I have decided that (a) I need to come to SIngapore to experience a true ice cream sandwich with you and (b) you need to come here and visit so we can have an encore performance of the beach pail sundae. With plastic shovels. That was so tasty and ridiculous and should be repeated at least monthly. Can we make it glamourous the second time around? What if we wear designer bathing suits?

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