Adventure Hudson Valley Begins.

Traveling and assistant teaching in Singapore is a hard act to follow.  It is even harder to follow street-food adventures in Bangkok, cooking class in Bali and an ironically placed Hard Rock Café excursion in Malaysia.  I am spoiled.   And now, any new endeavor seems a tad lack-luster.  So, I’m carefully plotting my next move with hesitant enthusiasm.


There is one very exciting thing:  I will be starting graduate school this fall.  I am happy to announce that after months of waiting with self-doubt, turned to self-loathing, turned to apathy, turned to shouts of joy, I got into NYU’s Food Studies program and will be beginning a new adventure there starting September.  I hope there will be a lot more writing, tons of learning and more information about food than I ever hoped to know.

In the meantime, I have fantasies about opening a food truck, my funds are diminishing and there are a few pending job offers.  I’ve also been incredibly distracted by the idea of getting a German Shepard that I could go jogging with and that would sit in my passenger seat and stick his nose in the wind.  In between job searches, I troll the local “petfinder” websites for suitable picks.  My cat is not so happy about the idea and I recognize my less rational impulses.  No one has to mention that I’d be better off focusing on getting the yard cleaned up and, oh yeah, finding a job.


Being back in the states, H and I have also spent a lot of time reuniting with old friends – bagels, pizza and fresh salads.  Also, we occasionally visit non-chicken hot dog’s house and every morning good, cheap coffee wakes us up.  There are a lot of things you never truly appreciate until you miss them.  Never before I have I been so appreciative of the crunch of a crusty baguette or the warm, chewy inside of a freshly baked bagel.  I wonder when I’ll begin to miss bao and curry puffs?  Then I’ll know it’s time to travel again.


Four months of adventures are over, but more local adventures are about to begin – school, new jobs, dreams of food trucks, and plenty of bagels.



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5 responses to “Adventure Hudson Valley Begins.

  1. Bee

    How far away will you be from Greenfield, MA? I would LOVE to meet up and cook things together!

    • Marissa Sertich

      I’m about 2 hours from greenfield, but if you ever want to visit you are always welcome! Some weekend you should come down and we’ll bake.

  2. Is that last road sign for Bigfoot crossing?

  3. Much luck on your new adventures!

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