Let’s talk about my food truck.

Although I’ve just started work at Camp Caterer (more on this job later), I am constantly distracted by thoughts of food truck greatness.  I imagine driving along Route 9 with a little chim-chime version of Hanson’s Mmmbop playing from an overhead speaker….Hand-cut French fries, a killer grilled cheese, home-make ice-cream sandwiches, dynamite donuts….Clearly, I haven’t quite perfected the menu (or music selection), but the overall theme is awesomeness.

The business is premature, in its most raw form – If this business plan was a steak, it would still be a cow.  But, having just ordered a Start Your Own Food Truck Business, book from Amazon, I feel that I’m taking a step in the right direction.  In the movie version of this story, it would begin as I thumbed through the Food Truck book – the music would begin and the scene would be interspersed with shots of my visiting city hall, getting a permit, buying the truck and renovating it all within the confines of a jaunty, inspiring montage.  Unfortunately, I’ve found that no matter how loudly I play Hans Zimmer as I read Start Your Own Food Truck, I’m no further along than I was on page 1.

I like the mobility of a food truck.   I think about a business with a storefront it is scarier than the idea of having a baby.  A baby you can move with to North Dakota if you feel inclined – you’re stuck with a storefront and tied to the town where you built it until it fails, or you say “uncle,” twenty-five years after its drained your soul.   So, the idea of a mobile business gives a person with a get-up-and-move, impulsive nature a sense of “change-your-mind-insurance.”  You can pack it up and take with you.

I also like the “Ice-Cream Truck Factor” – The concept is automatically playful.  The concept feels like summer – Eating ice cream from the carton may be nice, but getting it from an ice-cream truck is an occasion.  It is social, it is convenient, it is exciting!

The goal is to have a functional food truck up and running by the summer of 2013.   Keep posted for process……



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3 responses to “Let’s talk about my food truck.

  1. I smell a joyride coming on!

  2. Can I work it on my days off? Also are you looking for investors?

  3. If we were in the same place, I would work with you in your food truck.

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