The Pastry Chef’s Cake.


I broke down and bought my first bridal magazine.  Apparently, once you get engaged you are expected to plan a wedding.   Being on the wedding cake side of things, I’ve always thought of brides as wild cake tyrants possessed by an obsession of creating one perfect day–it’s not just cake; it’s the cake that will somehow determine the course of marriage.     


So, naturally, I hesitate to part-take in “bride behaviors,” having always been suspicious that Gotham from Lord of the Rings could be exorcised from most any bride’s bosom.   I’d imagined being proposed to, getting engaged, and being married, but the wedding part?  I’ve never been the girl to gurgle over wedding dresses or plot out a bridal binder.  


At this point, I need to share how after my dad watched the movie “Father of the Bride,” starring Steve Martin, he came out looking slightly pale and obviously disturbed.  “That’s a horror movie!” he said.  Maybe his reaction has something to do with my outlook, but somewhere along the way I began to view weddings as stressful, money-guzzling affairs.  I’m not sure when the idea of elopement was first encouraged by my father, but I was probably five – despite the fact that if I did elope, everyone (including my dad) would be upset with me for years. 


So, the bridal magazine – I bought one (a Martha Stewart, of course), ripped out three pages of things I like and promptly passed it to a friend like a hot potato.  

The thing is that I’m getting very excited about the whole thing – choosing flowers, wearing a dress…See? It’s starting.  Something is taking over!


The one thing I can’t manage to even think about is the cake.  What’s a pastry chef to do?  People expect cake – and a really freaking nice one.  At this point, I also know a lot of people that could make me a really nice cake, but after savagely slicing up each wedding cake that’s taken me hours to make, I’m not sure cake is what I want.   I’ve seen so many cake designs that they’ve all become a bit flat.   And as a pastry chef, hip trends like cupcakes seem slightly obnoxious. 


I’m thinking sundae bar – banana splits to Guinness floats.  Or maybe a croquembouche? – the traditional French wedding cake made from profiteroles.   Or maybe I should start an alphabetized file folder of all of my favorite cakes and desserts?  See? It’s happening. 


At the end of the party what I hope is that is will have been just that – an enjoyable party.  And cake or no cake, it is beginning to a very fantastic adventure.    



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11 responses to “The Pastry Chef’s Cake.

  1. I love this.

    (Also, have you considered meat pies? I’ve never thought about being a bride, but I have thought about meat pies.)

  2. claudiayoung559

    I want to be invited to the wedding if it’s in Cleve

    sent from my iPhone

  3. I am not evening getting married….been for 16 years….and I am even getting giddy for you! How we all would love to live that pre-wedding excitment all over again. Enjoy and it will be fun reading about your adventure…we can all live vicariously thru you!….ps, I love the idea of the Guiness Floats…best of both worlds. BE DIFFERENT…..but be realistic, the only thing people will remember is if it was awful, and there is not a shred of that happening to you.

  4. if it’s in cleveland, can we come?

  5. Scott

    I don’t remember the cake but I do remember the Bride… Be the Bride!

  6. ps – or at least meet you when you’re here!

  7. whoa do my wedding cake! in like 10 years 😉

  8. When is your big day? I’m getting married 9/28 and am in full Wedding Mode. I’m obsessed with looking at flowers, dresses and of course CAKES! Have you watched Four Weddings? It lets you check out 4 different weddings in about a 1/2 an hour if you DVR it and skip commercials. I’m totally not a bridezilla but this whole wedding planning thing is actually starting to grow on me! Congrats on your engagement!!

  9. Oh – and check out The Knot bridal magazine – it’s awesome

    • Marissa Sertich

      Thanks! I’ll check it out 🙂 The planning is coming along pretty well…got the dress, location and fiance! I think that’s all I need! 🙂

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