“While I’ve Been Away” OR “The Food Sightings Edition”

Well, hey there! Marissa here, in case you’ve forgotten. It’s been a bear of a semester, but in-between classes, the bakery, the internship and learning the reins of homeownership here are some things I’ve seen, cringed at, and enjoyed.

  • A man stacking one slice of pizza on top of another and eating them double-decker
  • All of the macarons coming out approximately the same size and each bottom finding a corresponding, perfectly matched, top.


  • Photographs of deep-fried pimento cheese sandwiches
  • A man resembling the stay-puff marshmallow man wearing sweater-vest contently snacks upon small, unidentified fried bits with a fork while commuting on the train.
  • A sleeping Muppet Banana on the ground


  • A dream about sour cream ice cream served with chocolate, ancho chile filo shards and sweet corn puree.
  • A man, who doesn’t appear to know how to breathe through his nose, pants loudly and chews with his mouth open while shoving a sandwich down his throat.
  • Writing stories about narwhals eating grilled cheese sandwiches.
  • The man in the sweater vest pulls out a giant train beer. He continues to smile.
  • An ice cream cone tragedy on the NYC subway.


  • A big pot of split pea soup cooking on the stove at home, which is our very own house.
  • A first dinner party at our very own house in our very own fabulous, blue chairs…so what we still need to order a few more chairs and half of us had to sit on an assortment of stools and desk chairs?

dinner party

  • A man next to me on the train demonstrates skilled pop-corn eating. Rather than dipping his hand into a near empty bag, he rips the top portion of his bag off to create a small, more user friendly vessel.
  • Emergency taco snacks (because sometimes you just need a taco)
  • Easter is over, candy goes on sale, and so begins the Annual Cadbury Egg Harvest.
  • A rabbit disguised as a mixer.

rabbit mixer

  • The man in the sweater vest still smiles, despite his disappeared fried bits and empty train beer.



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