Creature Cakes: Little Bear and Pork Chop

I have always been prone to uncontrollable laughing fits.  In school, it was not unusual for a teacher to make a perfectly sedate and sane statement, and suddenly, I’d be convulsing, snorting and tearing, while receiving puzzled looks from confused classmates.  If the teacher asked what was funny, I could never articulate how some unassuming word like “pencil,” or “algebra,” or “hobbyhorse,” had metamorphosed after traveling through the pachinko machine in my brain.  Ding ding ding ding.  All of a sudden the absurdity I’d mentally drawn on a seemingly normal scenario had me laughing, rather hysterically.


This pattern continued throughout college and I can not tell you have many times I’ve been excused from a lecture to “cool off in the hallway and go get a sip of water.”  To this day, even at work, I am prone to these spells.  Just the other day while bermixing a large stockpot of raspberry syrup, an episode was triggered, by who knows what, except that I felt like I was stirring a cauldron, what if witch’s used immersion blenders, I’d watched the movie “Stripes” the previous night, then someone sneezed and ding ding ding ding – completely unfunny thoughts and actions joined together into one weird mental whatnot.


I have a theory this why I like giving cakes faces so much.  Drawing eyes on chocolate truffles, giving a marshmallow a nose, or a cake some claws is the best way I know how to show you how the inner-pachinko machine functions.

This past weekend, I was offered a job to make cake for a co-worker.  It was for his back-yard pig roast and I was given complete creative liberty.   My first natural question was, “do you mind if I give the cake teeth?”   My co-worker, whom I believe might have an inner Lite-Brite, really liked the idea of creature-like cake, so I eagerly went to work.

Marzipan eyes, gum-paste teeth, and brightly colored frosting-fur – I am also of the firm belief that a Creature Cake should have a “creature companion.”  Buddy had a little bird and this cake, whom I shall call, “Pork Chop,” would have a little bear.   So, I crafted a little marzipan bear to sit on his shoulder.


Here is the result….


So, the next time I think about something and I laugh, and then the other people filling their cars up with gas wonder what’s so funny about that gas pump, you might think of Pork Chop and maybe you’ll laugh too.


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